Eric Hartzog

Eric Hartzog

Senior Software Engineer @ Meta

Fabriq & Reals Icon

Fabriq & Reals

With a goal of improving social wellness, we built Fabriq to help with tracking social connections and Reals as a private social messaging space. I lead iOS & Android engineering for the Fabriq and Reals mobile apps.

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Nerd Fitness Coaching

Nerd Fitness Coaching connects outstanding personal trainers with clients looking for personalized fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle advice. I architected and scaffolded the Nerd Fitness Coaching application suite.

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Skoolers Tutoring helps tens of thousands college students dominate their courses with focused online video reviews, study materials, and practice questions. I built and support the Skoolers online platform.

StickWars Icon


An action-packed iOS game, StickWars has more than 10 million players worldwide. I created StickWars while completing college and commissioning in the Navy.

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