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Under the Ocean

After graduating from Duke University with a B.S. in Computer Science and minors in Mandarin Chinese and Economics, I went on to release my blockbuster StickWars iOS game and to learn how to drive a submarine. After completing my training and being assigned to a submarine, my development career was put on hold as I drove around underneath the Atlantic ocean.

Back on Dry Land

I finished my tour at sea and came back to a development environment that had changed significantly over the years. I needed to catch up with the times, but I was still employed full time in a job so I used my after-hours time to gain experience with the modern toolsets. I started with supporting small PHP site running Moodle and other small projects on evenings/weekends.

After I separating from the Navy, I migrated immediately to full time development and built my first major web app, creating the Skoolers Tutoring online platform which currently supports thousands of students at multiple universities.



  • Ultimate frisbee (pickup, leagues, USAU tournaments)
  • Overwatch
  • Team Fortress 2

Site credits

  • Theme - A fork of indigo with modifications by Eric Hartzog
  • Tools - Jeyll, GitHub Pages, SASS
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