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Under the Ocean

After graduating from Duke University with a B.S. in Computer Science and minors in Mandarin Chinese and Economics, I went on to release my blockbuster StickWars iOS game and to learn how to drive a submarine. After completing my training and being assigned to a submarine, my development career slowed down momentarily as I drove around underneath the Atlantic ocean.

Back on Dry Land

I finished my tour at sea and came back to a development environment that had changed significantly over the years. I needed to catch up with the times, but I was still employed full time in a job so I used my after-hours time to gain experience with the modern toolsets. I started with supporting small PHP site running Moodle and other small projects on evenings/weekends.

After I separating from the Navy, I migrated immediately to full time development and built my first major web app, creating the Skoolers Tutoring online platform which currently supports tens of thousands of students at multiple universities. Since then I've been tackling a new major project every couple years and enjoying the nonstop flow of new challenges to figure out.



  • Ultimate frisbee (pickup, leagues, USAU tournaments)
  • Oculus and Switch Gaming

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  • Theme - A fork of indigo with modifications by Eric Hartzog
  • Tools - Jeyll, GitHub Pages, SASS
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