My development work history comes with an unusual gap of 5 years, primarily caused by the unfortunate lack of wifi and cellular service when surrounded by a steel hull hundreds of feet under the ocean surface.

In May 2009, while I was still actively developing StickWars, I graduated from from college and then went to Nuclear Power School to start 24 months of training on nuclear power and submarine technology.

As my studies continued, I passed off active development of StickWars and its successors to other companies to continue growing the franchise. I knew that my future would take me completely ‘off-the-grid’ and was willing to give up control of my app to keep it alive in my absence.

Enter the Black Hole of the Ocean

Once I finally arrived at my submarine, my departure from the online world was complete. Nothing is as effective as cutting off your network access to the world than being surrounded by a steel shell with no means of connecting to the internet for months a time. Most people find it hard to imagine living life completely off the grid, and after going through it I have no desire to disappear under the sea again.